A generic post-processing injector for games and video software.
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reshade_api_device.hpp File Reference
#include "reshade_api_pipeline.hpp"

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struct  reshade::api::api_object
 The base class for objects provided by the ReShade API. More...
struct  reshade::api::device
 A logical render device, used for resource creation and global operations. More...
struct  reshade::api::device_object
 The base class for objects that are children to a logical render device. More...
struct  reshade::api::command_list
 A command list, used to enqueue render commands on the CPU, before later executing them in a command queue. More...
struct  reshade::api::command_queue
 A command queue, used to execute command lists on the GPU. More...
struct  reshade::api::swapchain_desc
 Describes a swap chain and its back buffer resources. More...
struct  reshade::api::swapchain
 A swap chain, used to present images to the screen. More...




enum class  reshade::api::device_api {
  reshade::api::d3d9 , reshade::api::d3d10 , reshade::api::d3d11 , reshade::api::d3d12 ,
  reshade::api::opengl , reshade::api::vulkan
 The underlying render API a device is using, as returned by device::get_api. More...
enum class  reshade::api::device_caps {
  reshade::api::compute_shader , reshade::api::geometry_shader , reshade::api::hull_and_domain_shader , reshade::api::logic_op ,
  reshade::api::dual_source_blend , reshade::api::independent_blend , reshade::api::fill_mode_non_solid , reshade::api::conservative_rasterization ,
  reshade::api::bind_render_targets_and_depth_stencil , reshade::api::multi_viewport , reshade::api::partial_push_constant_updates , reshade::api::partial_push_descriptor_updates ,
  reshade::api::draw_instanced , reshade::api::draw_or_dispatch_indirect , reshade::api::copy_buffer_region , reshade::api::copy_buffer_to_texture ,
  reshade::api::blit , reshade::api::resolve_region , reshade::api::copy_query_heap_results , reshade::api::sampler_compare ,
  reshade::api::sampler_anisotropic , reshade::api::sampler_with_resource_view , reshade::api::shared_resource , reshade::api::shared_resource_nt_handle ,
  reshade::api::resolve_depth_stencil , reshade::api::shared_fence , reshade::api::shared_fence_nt_handle , reshade::api::amplification_and_mesh_shader ,
 The available features a device may support. More...
enum class  reshade::api::device_properties {
  reshade::api::api_version , reshade::api::driver_version , reshade::api::vendor_id , reshade::api::device_id ,
  reshade::api::description , reshade::api::shader_group_handle_size , reshade::api::shader_group_alignment , reshade::api::shader_group_handle_alignment
 The available properties a device may report. More...
enum class  reshade::api::indirect_command {
  reshade::api::unknown , reshade::api::draw , reshade::api::draw_indexed , reshade::api::dispatch ,
  reshade::api::dispatch_mesh , reshade::api::dispatch_rays
 The available indirect command types. More...
enum class  reshade::api::command_queue_type { reshade::api::graphics , reshade::api::compute , reshade::api::copy }
 A list of flags that represent the available command queue types, as returned by command_queue::get_type. More...


constexpr command_queue_type reshade::api::operator~ (command_queue_type a)
command_queue_type & reshade::api::operator&= (command_queue_type &a, command_queue_type b)
constexpr command_queue_type reshade::api::operator& (command_queue_type a, command_queue_type b)
command_queue_type & reshade::api::operator|= (command_queue_type &a, command_queue_type b)
constexpr command_queue_type reshade::api::operator| (command_queue_type a, command_queue_type b)
command_queue_type & reshade::api::operator^= (command_queue_type &a, command_queue_type b)
constexpr command_queue_type reshade::api::operator^ (command_queue_type a, command_queue_type b)
constexpr bool reshade::api::operator== (command_queue_type lhs, uint32_t rhs)
constexpr bool reshade::api::operator!= (command_queue_type lhs, uint32_t rhs)